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Regardless of your physical appearance, your first day at the gym will always be intimidating and daunting. So here are some tips and tricks to help take out the stress when you’re going for your first workout. What To Bring? Before you head out to the gym, you’ll need to bring some daily essentials that you’ll [...]

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The food we eat daily has accomplished an important role in the way we look and feel, but according to the latest research. “Nutrition has the largest impact on our fitness”. Using food as our medicine has become a popular theme for health improvement. Health improvement has become popular when we are eating food as our medicine. The [...]

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To build the core strength of your dreams, ab crunches and sit-ups won’t cut it. Surprisingly, the best core exercises incorporate a variety of muscles, from your hips to your shoulders. Many people think of a strong core as a nice six-pack or defined abs, but the abs have a very limited and specific action, and what the [...]

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Although coronavirus restrictions are gradually being lifted across Australia. We are now able to participate in many of our regular day-to-day activities including being able to exercise. Many of us are especially keen to get back to the gym, which is now available to almost all states across Australia. However, although COVID-19 cases are gradually declining, we still [...]

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